Psychedelia is a blond beer starring the Moteuka hop variety from New Zealand. This very pale ale is brewed with light pale malt and a subliminal touch of biscuit malt allowing the distinctive passion fruit flavour and aroma of the aromatic hops to shine through and leaving a dry, bitter finish.  A perfect aperitif for a warm summers day or a great everyday hoppy beer.

Beer stats : 

ABV - 5%

Colour -  8 EBC

Original gravity - 1048

Malt grist - Pale and biscuit malts

Bittering hops - Simcoe

Late aromatic hops - Tomahawk + Moteuka

Very late aromatic hops - Simcoe, Tomahawk + Moteuka

Dry hopping with Moteuka and Simcoe 

IBU - 37

Available in 33cl and 75cl bottles and 30 liter key-kegs