La (Saint) Jean is a pale Belgian style, farmhouse ale. This self-proclaimed 'petite saison' is brewed with Pilsener and wheat malts, hopped with Slovenian Bobek hops and fermented with a blend of Belgian yeasts to almost complete dryness. Bottle conditioning using a krausen of young fermenting wort results in a highly effervescent beer adding to the quenching nature of the style.

Originally brewed for La fete de la Saint Jean in Plessis de Roye where the brewery is situated, the beer also pays homage to the Girondins grandfather Jean of the brewer's wife who, after a hard week's work on his farm, liked his celebratory feasts. He was rarely seen without his black beret and was also not entirely a saint.


Beer stats:

Original gravity - 1038

Alc. vol - 4.5%

Malt grist - Pilsener + wheat

Hop grist - Bobek

IBU - 30

Available in 75cl bottles