India Project'Ale

Dry hopping an IPA

Dry hopping an IPA

To celebrate the new brewery installation what better way than to brew an IPA? This venerable  English style of hoppy pale ale has survived from the 18th century and in recent years been given a fresh lease of life by the American craft brewers whose enthusiastic hopping regimes and use of vibrant West coast hops have put a modern spin on an old classic.

 Instead of focusing on one recipe this beer has the ambitious and perhaps infinite goal of testing out every single hop variety and every combination of hop varieties. 

The first batches will go into kegs only but bottles will be available later in the year. Once the beer is bottled the only constant will be the  beer strength at 5.5% ABV, partly to make things easier with the bureaucrats and partly because I like IPAs around this ABV! Information on the hop varieties used in each batch will be available in the beer section and will relate to the batch code printed on the label. Until bottles are available I'll make sure the bars selling the kegs are aware of what they are serving.

To kick things off two batches have been prepared - here are some details:

IP'A batch #1 

OG - 1050 

Bitterness 60IBUs (theoretical)

ABV 5.5%

Bittering and aroma hops - Equinox, Centennial + Simcoe added at the beginning, towards the end and after the boil. This trio of hops also used for double dry-hopping 


IP'A batch #2

OG 1040

Bitterness 55IBUs (theoretical)

ABV 4.3%

Single hop session IPA with the idiosyncratic Sorachi Ace hop variety origianally from Japan. Also effected with two separate dry hop additions.


The label art for this beer has been done and I must give my appreciations to a young, unknown artist who goes simply by the name of Oscar. The working title of India Project'Ale was interpreted as a colourful pistol with a green canister presumably loaded with hop flowers..