Anatomy of a farmhouse brewery installation - Part 2

Finally get the green light from the bank for finance and then spend the next 4 months trying to attach all the strings…

..Change banks (ideally avoid these two steps)

Cut some concrete, add drainage, pour some concrete and tile.



Add a brewery


Funky pipework at the heat exchanger

Funky pipework at the heat exchanger

The brewery is designed to produce 10hl of wort / batch so pretty small and ideal for experimental beers and keeping things fresh. The initial batches are new recipes and will all go into kegs; bottles will follow later in the year when the recipes are more finely tuned and I've got a better grasp on how the water, the other raw materials and the brewery interact.

Look out for the first beers in discerning bars and restaurants in the next few weeks - info to follow.


Craig Allan